To extend the excellent quality of German manufacturing and the stellar management model of the German production line. AeroJones Aviation not only requires engineers to strictly abide by regulatory details at work, and pass OEM certification and accreditation of relevant department. Also invites German experts in aircraft design to join the team to collectively carry out R&D, clearly demonstrating our company’s cutting-edge aircraft manufacturing in aircraft development, design, and modification.

Ever since the acquisition of the intellectual property rights of the CT series from Flight Design, a German aircraft design company, in October 2017, AeroJones Aviation has been working on maintaining and taking over all data before it officially filed application for AeroJones CTLS type certificate to the Civil Aviation Administration of China in September 2018. Since then, various discussions with regard to the model design and certificate acquisition plan of AeroJones CTLS, the introductory and reviewing basis of familiarity with technical characteristics of AeroJones CTLS light-sport aircraft, the confirmation of review team’s work division, preliminary selection, and the test and witness project have all been carried out. Fearless and unafraid, AeroJones Aviation successfully obtained AJCT type certificate for Light-Sport Aircraft (TC0037A-HD), approved and issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, in July 2019, which once again proves that AeroJones Aviation has developed an outstanding capability for developing future aircraft types and modifying all kinds of aircraft designs. In the future, AeroJones Aviation will undoubtedly provide products and equipment that are more flexible and adaptable and even personalization and customization services to meet the high expectations of aviation experts looking forward to the growth of AJCT and AeroJones Aviation. To AeroJones Aviation, this honor is another new point of departure and we feel quite confident in our ability to create a greater glory by making use of this opportunity.