AeroJones’“one-stop” before-sales service

1.  Customer’s intention to purchase a product

Dear honorable guest, thank you for choosing AeroJones Aviation. Do not hesitate to provide us with all of the ideas you have for a Light-Sport Aircraft and discuss all your flying desires so we can send the best experts to customize your dream.

2. Marketing department’s understanding of purchase demands

Our professional aircraft consultant will contact you upon receiving your request get to understand of your customize needs and comprehensively introduce our products to you. We encourage you to raise any questions you have about our products at this point in time, and we will be glad to answer them.

3. Visit the production department and enjoy direct contact with the entire aircraft manufacturing process

As an outstanding aircraft manufacturing team, AeroJones can demonstrate its superiority. we are willing to invite you to visit our aircraft manufacturing plant, led by a professional interpreter, to understand more about the procedures of our aircraft production and observe the overall process of aircraft assembly. We are willing to display the authentic appearance to you, believing that this kind of arrangement will help increase your confidence in choosing us.

4. Sign a purchase contract

When choosing AeroJones Aviation, you will be provided with the most authoritative legislative backing. Teaming up with professional legal consultants, our company has established a credible contract review system to ensure that you have a smooth and safe aircraft buying experience.

5. Full production conducted by the factory

Once everything’s complete, we will set up an exclusive production line for you, and your aircraft will be tailor-made by specialized technicians and operators. We guarantee to develop the most brilliant product within the scheduled period.

6. Fulfill the delivery process, complete assembly, and trial operation in compliance with the contract

We will assign a responsible representative and professional installers to safely deliver the custom-made product to your side on time, regardless of distance and obstacles. The aircraft reassemble and test run will surely meet your demands. AeroJones Aviation aspires to achieve absolute success.

7. Follow up with customer satisfaction

Once a client, a true friend for life, we will occasionally inquire about any feedback you have on the use of the product after delivery is completed. Please share your comments or criticise our deficiencies without reservation, therefore we will be able to consistently make progress and achieve better results.

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